BørneRiget must be a physically active hospital

​The goal is to promote prevention and rehabilitation and to minimize inactivity for patients, relatives and staff.
We must eliminate the feeling that life comes to a standstill, while you are hospitalized. One of the things we can see is important for patients and their families is the feeling that you involuntarily are in risk of becoming physically inactive. Today, many people find that they are locked to their bay rooms with limited possibilities and reasons to move around the room and outside the room. Physical inactivity is demonstrably harmful to both physical and mental health and is a contributing cause to a large number of diseases. Being physically active, on the other hand, is disease-preventing and can play an important role in the treatment.

BørneRiget must therefore motivate and inspire patients and their families to leave the bed, move around in the bay room and get out into the hallways and in the common areas. We will therefore try to develop some destinations that you can move towards with activities, experiences and opportunities for hospital users.

The development project 'Movement at BørneRiget’ is the first step towards creating a physically active hospital that promotes the possibilities for movement and physical activity among patients, relatives and staff. The possibilities must be adapted to the patient's ability: for example, from minor movements with the arms in the bay room to challenging balancing acts in the common area.

The project is based on knowledge and experiences from Rigshospitalet and will help explore new areas and methods for integrating physical activity and movement in a hospital.

Initially, recommendations have been made for what BørneRiget should support and contain in order to motivate and allow for movement when you are admitted as a patient or a relative, and how we create opportunities for a physically active working day for the upcoming staff at BørneRiget.