Innovation workshop on arrival at BørneRiget

​In November 2016 the project team behind the new Children's Hospital Copenhagen, "BørneRiget", held a workshop on how to create the best possible arrival and greeting at the hospital in the future.

The workshop was based on experiences from a study on "the first 10 minutes at the hospital" where users from the Juliane Marie Centre's user panel and the youth panel were interviewed and observed.

Patients and relatives also contributed with ideas and experiences at the workshop with the project team and professionals from external companies.

Inspiration from the experience industry

It is the vision for the new Children's Hospital Copenhagen that the arrival and greeting does not feel "hospital-like". Therefore, the majority of participants at the workshop had no specific knowledge of hospitals or health care, but had a lot of knowledge on user design and user experiences from the entertainment industry. The  participants were from LEGO®, Tivoli, Design School Kolding and Khora Virtual Reality.

All participants contributed with their diverse backgrounds and approaches to inspire and shape the creative idea generation and come up with specific proposals on how to provide users of the future Children's Hospital Copenhagen with the best possible experience upon arrival. All the ideas from the workshop were consolidated into one proposal for how we can create the best possible patient journey at the new Children's Hospital.

Watch a short video with highlights from the workshop

Let the patients decide

The future arrival at Rigshospitalet will focus on how to ensure that the patient is well prepared, guided and, by using technological advances, has participated actively in the first tests from home. In addition, the goal is that patients should spend as much time as possible at home, and as little time as possible at the hospital. The ambition is that the hospital sends a digital or physical avatar (for example a teddy bear with an integrated tablet) to the child as a preparation before the treatment. An avatar that can interact, guide and monitor the patient before and upon arrival at Rigshospitalet. This way, the hospital has the opportunity to support the preparation from home, while giving the patients as much control as possible of their hospitalization. By giving the patient more control, the project team hopes to reduce the waiting time at the hospital.

The project team behind the new Children's Hospital Copenhagen expects this kind of technology to be much more developed by the time the new wing opens up in 2023, and it has therefore been important for the team to focus on what they want the technology to be able to do, rather than what is possible today.

The illustration underneath shows the future patient journey at the new Children's Hospital Copenhagen. 

See larger version (pdf)

For further information on the innovation workshop,
please contact project secretary Mads Lund Vestergaard