​Medarbejderne i forskningsenheden for Kvinders og Børns Sundhed består både af jordemødre, sygeplejersker, læger og cand.mag.'er.  Størstedelen af medarbejderne er forskere.​

Anders Mikkelsen

Læge, PhD

Long term maternal health after pregnancy, pregnancy loss, hormonal contraceptives, and                                                                       hormonal therapy. 

Andreas Jensen

MSc in Statistics, PhD, researcher

Statistician on long-term follow-up study among patients exposed to biological and non-biological
psoriasis treatments 2019-2035

Ane Lilleøre Rom

Anne Weng Ekmann-Gade

Læge, ph.d. studerende

Older women with ovarian cancer have a poorer survival rate than younger women. 
We want to study why this is so and how we can improve treatment.

Cecilie Holm Christiansen
Stud.med., studentermedhjælper

The review aims to evaluate the association between use of multivitamin and the risk of pre-eclampsia 
among pregnant women

Emilie Haarslev Schröder Marqvorsen

Sygeplejerske, Cand.scient.san., Ph.d.-studerende


The development and validation of EMPOWER-UP: a generic scale for measuring empowerment
in patient-provider relationships

Ena Lindhart Thomsen

Sygeplejerske, cand.scient,san, ph.d.-studerende 

Parents in Transition – a Nurseled Support and Transfer Education Program 

Development, test and evaluation of a transfer program targeting parents to chronically ill adolescents

Hanne Kristine Hegaard 

Midwife, PhD, associate professor 

Kontakt: Hanne.Kristine.Hegaard@region.dk

Physical and mental wellbeing among women in the pre-concption period, during pregnancy and delivery, 
and in the postpartum period.

Helena Hansson

Sygeplejerske, cand.scient.san., ph.d., Klinisk forsker og sygeplejespecialist, lektor


Research projects on development, evaluation and implementation of home care to children 
and adolescents to support the children and their families.

Cand.Med., Læge, ph.d.-studerende

Projekt: The introduction of novel technologies into the monitoring of perinatal health

The predictive value of salivary uric acid for preeclampsia using a telemedical device, how women experience it and the origin of increased uric acid.

Jeanett Strandbygaard

Afdelingslæge på obstetrisk klinik, ph.d., post doc researcher

Projekt: OR Black Box – et datadrevet paradigmeskifte på operationsstuen.

The overall purpose of the OR Black Box projects is through data and artificial intelligence to make surgery as safe as possible and thereby save lives.

Kjestine Emilie Møller

Klinisk assistent, Læge 

Projekt: OR Black Box – et datadrevet paradigmeskifte på operationsstuen.

The overall purpose of the OR Black Box projects is through data and artificial intelligence to make surgery as safe as possible and thereby save lives.

Line Brams Løvschal

Cand.scient.san studerende, jordemoder

A cross-sectional study with data from the Copenhagen Pregnancy Cohort.

A cross-sectional study which assesses adherence to the Danish recommendation on iron 
supplementation during pregnancy.

Lotte Broberg

RM, cand.scient.san.publ., PhD-fellow

Pregnant women with or at high risk of depression: effect and experience of an exercise intervention.

Louise Ingerslev Roug

Sygeplejerske og Ph.d.-studerende


Home Chemotherapy for children with cancer - a feasibility study

Ph.D. project exploring the feasibility of a home chemotherapy program at the Children's cancer
department at Rigshospitalet.

Mads Langager Larsen

Cand. Med., Reservelæge

Epidemiologisk forskning. Data fra Cerebral Parese Registret og Cerebral Parese Opfølgningsprogram 
sammenholdes med bla. fødselsregistret og føtodatabasen

Maria Guldbrandt Hauge

Læge, ph.d.-studerende

Women with a history of preeclampsia are invited to cardiac CT-scan to detect coronary 
atherosclerotic changes. 

Mette Linnet Olesen

Klinisk forsker og sygeplejespecialist, Sygeplejerske, Master of Public Health (MPH) og Ph.d.

Projekt: Feasibility and implementation of a digitalized version of GSD and video conversations.

Current: Feasibility of the digitalized GSD  

Mie Gaarskjær de Wolff

Midwife, phD student

Projekt: Midwifery/pregnancy/Pregnancy complicated by chronic medical conditions

We aim to investigate the effect of a midwife coordinated and specialized maternity care intervention 
among pregnant women with chronic medical conditions.

Nikoline Schou Karlsen

Cand.med., Klinisk forskningsassistent

Kontakt: Nikoline.marie.schou.karlsen@regionh.dk

Projekt: A prospective, multicenter study with the aim of developing an optimized diagnostic algorithm for differentiating benign ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer

Nina Olsén Nathan

Jordemoder, cand.scient.san, Ph.d.-studerende

Kontakt: nina.olsen.nathan@regionh.dk

Projekt: The DRIP study: Dystocia – Risk factors – Intervention - Prevention

The DRIP study aims to increase our knowledge and evidence base of the labour complication dystocia through a series of studies. 

Pernille Skovby

Sygeplejerske, MKS – National Koordinator for DanPedMed

Ragnhild Måstrup
Sygeplejerske, ph.d. IBCLC. Klinisk forsker og sygeplejespecialist

Kontakt: ragnhild.maastrup@regionh.dk

Projekt:  Effect of training neonatal nurses in breastfeeding-supportive clinical practices on exclusive

Signe Hanghøj

Cand.mag., MPH, Ph.d.

Projekt:  Unge med kronisk sygdom, organisatorisk brugerinddragelse, sundheds apps, transition, ungesamtaler, kommunikation, livskvalitet.

Stinne Høgh

Jordemoder, cand.scient.san, ph.d.-studerende

The MAMA Study aims to evaluate the preventive effect of transdermal estradiol administration on postpartum depression in women at high risk.

Thea Guldmann

This study aims to determine a hospital-based stillbirth rate and association with quality of care before and during delivery at Pemba Island, Tanzania. 

Trang Minh Tran

Stud.med., studentermedhjælper