Afhandlinger og disputatser

​Disputatser og ph.d.-afhandlinger udgået fra afdelingen de sidste 10 år​

​​​Kathrine Pii 

Responsibility flows in patient-centred prevention (fælles med CBS) PhD CBS 2014

Louise de la Motte
The systemic inflammatory response following endovascular aortic aneurysm repair. PhD KU 2013

Bo Bech
Developing Endovascular Expertise. Aspects of Incorporating Virtual Reality Simulations. Phd KU 2012 

Søren T Heerwagen
Endovascular Management of the Dysfunctional Hemodialysis Vascular Access. Phd KU 2012 

Sune BEW Ræder
Complex Skills Learning. Aspects of Development and Assessment of Coronary Angiography Skills. (sammen med CEKU) Phd KU 2012

Rikke Broholm
Catheter directed thrombolysis in the treatment of iliofemoral venous thrombosis. Phd KU 2011

Yousef Jesper Wirenfeldt Nielsen
Whole-body MR Angiography in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Disease. Phd KU 2010

Martin Græbe
PET/CT for detection of vulnerable carotid artery plaques. Phd KU 2010

Christian Rifbjerg Larsen
Virtual reality simulation in laparoscopic gynaecology. Phd KU 2009

Jette Bang Joensen
Randomized double-blinded clinical investigation of roxithromycin versus placebo as secondary and tertiary prevention in patients with peripheral atherosclerosis. Phd AU 2006 

Nikolaj Eldrup
Detection and Monitoring in Atherosclerotic disease. Phd KU 2006

Jonas Eiberg
Ultralyd og magnetisk resonans til visualisering af okklusive forandringer i underekstremitetens arterier. Phd KU 2004. 

Steen C Kofoed
Serum lipids in patients with lower limb ischemia. Phd KU 2004​